About Millennium Consulting

In 1995, the World Wide Web was in its infancy. Y2K or “The Millennium Bug” as it became known, was barely on the horizon and awareness of it and its potential to cause disruption had yet to enter the public consciousness. For CEO Phil Keet, however, the threat was clear.

Working for a UK based Investment Bank – for whom technology was business critical – he recognised that finance systems typically in use at the time were unlikely to be able to successfully handle the impending digital change as clocks switched from 1999 to 2000. Being acutely aware that a crisis was looming, Phil set up Millennium Consulting to focus upon helping clients overcome the challenge.

The Y2K threat meant that organisations could either re-programme existing software systems to handle the date change or alternatively switch to new Y2K compliant software. Phil’s team of ERP change specialists advised and helped clients upgrade or transition to Y2K compliant software.

The global economy emerged relatively unscathed when 2000 finally arrived and Millennium Consulting grew to become a leading specialist in providing recruitment and consultancy services across ERP, Accounting Software, Rule Engine, ETL and Data specialisms.

Operating from offices in the UK, Italy and USA, we provide end-to-end recruitment and consultancy services for a broad range of clients who work with us because they value our ability to source high achieving candidates.

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